Biblical Integrity

The phrase ‘Biblical Integrity’ is something I stumbled across recently whilst following the debates within the Presbyterian Church in America. I think it is a great little line. Those involved in church ministry on any level has probably been privy to the question ‘is it Biblical?’ with regards to a topic or song or celebrity pastor’s latest hobby horse making the rounds on YouTube. It seems  that an analysis of something being ‘Biblical or unbiblical’ often does not really offer any real distinctive anymore.

Let me explain. Scripture holds many things in tension, for example, the doctrine of the Sovereignty of God and the role of human responsibility. Individuals or groups can emphasise one of these and that would be Biblical, but if one is emphasised at the expense of the other, it no longer is a view with ‘Biblical integrity.’

I have found thinking and speaking in these terms a helpful corrective. Many of us are afraid of stepping out of our comfort zones when it comes to secondary convictions. What is ‘perfectly Biblical’ to one church or group can be viewed as ‘unbiblical’ by another. There is nothing wrong with secondary convictions, but I wonder if sometimes our arguments may be dissolved by exchanging our arbitrary jargon, ‘it is/is it Biblical/unbiblical’ with the more objective language of, ‘Does this hold to scripture with integrity?’

Of course, if more did that then we would all be reformed (and covenantal).


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