Jonathan Edwards Farted

The title of this post comes from Zach Eswine, an ‘ordinary’ pastor, seeking to do what He can to make the kingdom of God known.Image

Zach has written a book with the ominous title ‘Sensing Jesus’ with the subtitle ‘Life and ministry as a human being’. Brothers and Sisters, I cannot recommend this book enough to you. I have only managed 5 chapters so far as it is a thought provoking book and it has been good to pause, reflect and pray about what it says.

So many young guys like me have a major problem in ministry. We think we know it all. We think we can fix it all. We think we are the next big thing. We plan to do a great thing for the Lord. The trouble is, we lack omnipotence, omniscience and the holiness to be any of those things.

This is a book for all those who think they will be the next big thing. It helps us come to terms with the fact that obscurity in ministry can be true greatness. It reminds us that when we die, very very few will remember our name. It is precious grace for those of us who know it all and need desperate saving from our egos.

See an interview about the book here

Buy the book here


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