Day 4 of 90 (Personal Transformation)


Ok rest days bug me. I don’t know if I should do nothing, go gentle or do cardio. I normally hit a 2 to 3 mile run in the morning but I had things to think about today so I just went for a walk (BTW the 24hr tesco is not open at 5:30am in case you wondered too). I get up at 5am so I’ve got to do something before I begin expanding my soul with the wisdom of the scriptures.

I also don’t know if I take supplements or whey protein instead of my normal all-in-one on a rest day. Any advice from the lean, muscular, shredded brothers among you?

Pre-Breakfast: all-in-one shake

Breakfast: 2 turkey bacon rashers, one boiled egg, tomatoes and mushrooms with oriental seasoning.

Snack: nectarine and Brazil nuts

Dinner: salmon and vegetable rendang curry with puy lentils… Your thinking what? Well it tastes great.


more info

Snack 1: 2 turkey bacon rashers, one boiled egg, carrots, tomatoes and mushroom with a teaspoon of Tom Yum paste (it’s hot and sour with you can use as an ingredient or a condiment – great stuff).

Snack 2: whey protein shake

Snack 3: tuna salad with jalapeño chillies

….. That is a lot of food, but today I’ve been starving, is it too much for shredding?? Who knows.


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