Day 5 of 90 (Personal Transformation)


Today is the first day of intermittent fasting, no carbs after lunch and no food after 6pm (though I’ll hit an all-in-one when training). The aim is to get all your calories in and then give your body a few hours to digest it, it is also supposed to help allow all the energy and blood flow used for digestion to go to cellular repair. Well that’s the theory – It is suppose to help with gaining muscle whilst losing body fat. So today looked like this:

Breakfast: porridge with Brazil nuts and honey.

Post-workout: all-in-one shake and protein crisps (I’ll show you these and where I got them in tomorrow’s blog)

Snack: cherries, banana, tangerine and mixed seeds

Lunch: tuna salad

Snack: packet of beef jerky and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter

Dinner: venison stake with caramelised onions and salad


Snack: teaspoon of peanut butter

Post-workout: all-in-one shake

I also made some homemade regular burgers and some spicy ones. You need:

1 onion chopped finely (I used red one but it doesn’t matter)

I mixed half with 1 egg and the other with 2 (you can add salt but I didn’t).

Added 1kg of lean, free-range beef to the 2 eggs and 0.5kg to the single egg and then added a teaspoon of mixed garlic and ginger paste/powder and 3/4 teaspoons of masala mix (any will do).

Put your regular burger mix in one pan and the spicy ones in another in a pre-heated oven for 20mins (then flip them and keep in for another 20mins)… It is best to use a George Foreman grill but we ain’t got one yet.

After there cooked I transfered mines to another pan and left it in the oven even though was switched off. This means it’s not sitting in its own fat and you can clean the other dishes. After this you can use for nutrition or freeze as a back up.



3 thoughts on “Day 5 of 90 (Personal Transformation)

  1. Tinkerbell is so cute, your new gym buddy. X x x

  2. She can already out lift me x x x

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