Day 6 of 90 (Personal Transformation)


Today’s been a good day not only have I trained hard and discovered a new exercise (I saw someone else doing it yesterday – taking the 25kg powerbag unto their shoulders and then unto the treadmill on a 15% incline. If you do this at walking pace for 20 mins you will have your legs burning and your kit drenched in sweat…I loved it) but the intermittent fast went well too. Stopping eating from 6pm-5am, however, will mean I need to get my calories in earlier, which is fine since I just got some food from If you join their FB page their always doing deals. Here’s what I got:


10 packs of Irish grass-fed beef mince – 400g (this should have been £3.50 a pack but on the FB deal I got them for £1 each).

1 x2 5oz venison steaks – 0.45kg £5.50

3 packets of grass fed beef jerky – £2.50 a packet

3 packets of protein crisps – £1.45

p+p £4.95

The only thing which might be a snag to you is that you have to order a minimum of £35 but the place was great and it had a brilliant range. Please remember though that you want to keep your high calorie, high carb stuff, like the crisps, towards the beginning or middle of the day unless your training hard. Anyway let’s move on and see how my nutrition was today:

Breakfast: porridge with brazil nuts, almonds and honey and a boiled egg with cherry tomatoes.

Post-workout: all-in,-one shake and packet of beef jerky

Lunch: sushi bento box with salad and a desert of blueberries and apricot and strawberry.



how it was made (link)

Snack 1: nectarine and a apricot with mixed nuts

Snack 2: cherry tomatoes and a raw carrot and a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Dinner: seafood (salmon fillet, prawn and cuttlefish) with peas and roosted vegetables and sweet chilli sauce. (The nutrional value of cuttlefish is great but you normally can only get it in Chinese supermarkets)

Desert: blueberries and a teaspoon of Cornish clotted cream

*please remember that a little bit of healthy fat is needed for muscle building and muscle building will help with weight loss but keep the clotted cream in small quantities if your going for lean muscle.*

Post-workout: all-in-one shake

PS (on training): I got my days mixed up an almost ended up in Zumba so instead of doing a kettle bells fitness class I did my own 30 mins, all body, circuit. Low weights, lots of reps felt more appealing than dancing to Latin music.


One thought on “Day 6 of 90 (Personal Transformation)

  1. Lunch looks tasty. X x x

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