Day 7 of 90 (Personal Transformation)


Keep on Keeping On

I heard somewhere that anyone can begin well but the key in life is persevering and finishing well. I say that because I am exhausted as I write this and don’t know if I was quite prepared for the amount of work that was entailed. The main reason for starting all this was to track my progress and force me to up my training and nutritional discipline. Nonetheless, the advice I have been given and the advice I have been privileged to give keeps me going even though I feel like throwing in the towel…I guess it’s like anything of value it requires hard work. Ok, pep talk over let’s look at today’s nutrition:

Breakfast: bran flakes with brazil nuts and almonds followed by 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, spring onion and tomatoes with chilli pickle. (I got some poaching bags from Aldi which were great).


Post-workout: all-in-one shake

Snack 1: beef jerky

Snack 2: grapefruit and mixed seeds

Lunch: 3 homemade lean beef burgers, spinach, tomatoes, salad, chilli and brown rice.

link to beef burger recipe

Snack 1: banana and mixed seeds

Snack 2: tablespoon of peanut butter

Dinner: lean beef chilli and vegetables

Post-workout: all-in-one shake


One thought on “Day 7 of 90 (Personal Transformation)

  1. Dinner sounds delicious. X x x

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