Day 15 of 90 (Training and Nutrition Log)


So I’m away for a few days which is something that can mess with the training regime so I thought I’d bring some kit along to keep me going. Other than the sports wear and trainers I’ve got a small container with my supplements, my protein (with scoop), my protein shaker/water bottle, a skipping rope and some resistance bands.

Resistance bands are a great bit of kit, there inexpensive, easy to use and whilst they could never replace free weights are helpful at maintaining muscle. here’s were I got mines

My next purchase, however, is one these bad boys – some multi-weight dumbbells.


Anyway, let’s look at today’s food log:

Breakfast: porridge with banana and flaxseed and goji berries

Snack: red apple, tangerine and mixed seeds

Lunch: lean beef chilli and salad

Snack 1: grapefruit

Snack 2: whey protein shake

Dinner: seafood kebabs and spinach with tomatoes


Snack: tablespoon of peanut butter and a tablespoon of honey (the honey was for an energy kick, for the 2hr drive. Honey is like nature’s amphetamine but is quite high in carbs so keep it to a minimum except for the early mornings or unless you need the energy that is).

*No food after 6pm


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