Day 17 of 90 (Training and Nutrition Log)


Although, I have never really weight lifted until about 8 months ago, I have begun to love it to the point where it has almost replaced any jogging or treadmill work I used to do and has therefore decreased my stamina and increased my recovery time for lengthy bouts of cardio. So much so that I was still exhausted and sore from yesterday’s 60min jog. It kind of got me thinking that I need to incorporate more cardio into my routine if my overall fitness is to be improved.

While some weight lifters would advise against it because it can eat into muscle (if you don’t top up your calories) and is ineffective for weight loss compared to high intensity cardio, I personally feel that the benefits to overall health outweigh any disadvantages. And if done correctly, please see link, can be incorporated into a good training regime.

Muscle and Fitness magazine – Cardio article

Breakfast: Special K and whey protein shake

Snack: cherries

Dinner: cobbler and prawn salad with one piece of garlic bread (I was trying to keep the carbs down) and strawberries (with NO cream or sugar)

Snack 1: 2 apricots and a kiwi (the sugar content can be very high in fruit, so I normally try not to have it with protein, like nuts or seeds, because it slows down the absorption rate of the natural sugar – apparently)

Snack 2: 1 tablespoon of peanut butter

Post- Workout: whey protein shake

Dinner: we went to an 18th. It was an all you could eat, all you could drink Indian banquet – hence the phot. I kept the alcohol low, 2 pints and a Bacardi and coke, but I feasted like a king. All you need to know is multiple starters, mains, ice cream and birthday cake. Carbs and sugar galore the only good thing was I avoided the chips, though I don’t see what difference it could have made :mrgreen:. It was good though and here’s a link if your ever considering doing anything like that (in or around Oldbury/Dudley)

Platinum Plaza, Cradley Heath

*I normally try and cut carbs after lunch and so eating at 6 – not today*


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