Day 18 of 90 (Nutrition and Training Log – Rest Day)


So instead of taking full rest days I’ve started to go light and incorporate cardio. The only problem is that 8 or 9 months ago I injured my knee, that’s the reason I took up weights, and today I could feel it becoming a little bit sore on the treadmill. That leaves me with a dilemma about how I might proceed because the key to all this training becoming an actual lifestyle is to stay injury free. So here’s my plan.

I’m going to give any running a miss tommorow morning and just stick to weights and swimming. Though it’s fine now the pressure from the water should loosen it up a little. When I pick up the cardio again I will go light, warm-up and down properly (something I don’t do for weights and occasionally skip during cardio – stupid I know) and stretch. That should hopefully do it…in other news, here’s today’s food log.

Breakfast: porridge with coconut, and flaxseed and goji berries with a whey protein shake. (I should have taken my all-in-one but I’m running low).

Snack: tablespoon of peanut butter

Lunch: tuna, mixed vegetable and chilli scrambled eggs with salad with a little raspberry vinegar dressing.

Dinner: low fat Greek yogurt with flaxseed and goji berries and apricot (I went light because dinner was late)

Post-workout: whey protein shake

*no food after 6pm (however, when I’m intermittent fasting I stick to green tea and water tonight I had a hot almond milk. I was still hungry and it was all I could do to stop me pigging out on KFC) (I’ve also got a feeling my protein intake was low today, which isn’t good – I need to watch for this if I want to maintain or gain muscle whilst losing weight).


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