Day 19 of 90 (Nutrition and Training Log)


Probably the biggest problem that one finds with training is the nutrition and that’s because convenience food can be so convenient especially when your pushed for time (oh and it’s blinking tasty).  I am currently doing a master’s degree, by correspondence, and having a pending deadline which has not only stopped me training in the evening but means that I must be wise in the way I manage my time if I am to keep my nutritional discipline up.  One of the great ways I have done this is oven bags.

Ok! Your probably thinking how? Well the truth is that chicken is lean and is very high in protein so I eat quite a lot of it. I stick it in a roasting bag (which you can get in any supermarket – these are from Sainsbury’s), add some easy spices (I’m using peri peri and jerk seasoning atm which you can get anywhere too – watch out for salt and sugar content though) and cook. Once cooked you can chop some up to add to other dishes (like omelettes or rice), stick some in the fridge for lunch and freeze some for later. The bags will keep the flavour in but I always drain the juices by cutting the corner over a bowl – I throw it out when its solid to stop it blocking the drains. Whilst it makes amazing stock for soups and gravies it has a relatively high fat content even if your using lean skinless chicken. This saves me loads of time, means no cleaning and if I ever get bored I can change the meat, change the spices or even add vegetables (bean sprouts, onion and peppers work really well) and occasionally some stuffing (very occasionally hasten to add and it only works with a full chicken not chicken breasts/thighs).

Ok let’s look at today’s food diary:

Breakfast: porridge with coconut and apricot

Snack: 2 tangerines with mixed seeds

Lunch: 3 chicken thighs (as above – breast is higher in protein though), spinach and salad

Snack 1: red apple and a few frozen cherries and berries with mixed seeds (frozen fruit and veg is also great: it’s healthy, inexpensive, lasts for ever and is tasty – too much fruit contains too much natural sugar though so have a little nuts or seeds. It slows down the sugar absorption).

Snack 2: a few mixed nuts

Dinner: a lean chilli with salad (my wife put in spinach, garden peas, chick peas, onions, peppers, carrot, celery, tomatoes and lean beef… Chilli is great for getting your vegs in so don’t just have kidney beans).

Snack: all-in-one protein shake (it’s low carbs, sugar, fat and calories not all all-in-one protein shakes are, so avoid them in the evening)

*no food after 6pm


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