Day 20 of 90 (Training and Nutrition Log)


While I realise that green tea speeds up your metabolism and therefore is good for weight loss and body building it tastes like puke. That’s why when Twinings does it with peach and cherry blossom and Tetley’s does it with raspberry and pomegranate I’m going to give it a taste test. I did and it is great so when my wife got me these today I thought I’d snap it and share it. Definitely worth trying guys and had increased my consumption of green tea and actually makes me enjoy it.

Today’s Food Log

Breakfast: porridge with mixed nuts and apricot followed by a poached egg.

Post-Workout: all-in-one shake

Snack: 2 lean beef burgers and chilli sauce

Lunch: 3 chicken thighs with salad

Snack 1: 2 tangerines and mixed seeds

Snack 2: 1 red apple and mixed seeds

Dinner: lean beef and mixed vegetable chilli with salad

Snack: fresh apricot and mixed nuts (dried apricot is not as nutritionally good)

Evening shake: whey protein with almond milk (this slows down the rate of which the protein is released)

*no food after 6pm


One thought on “Day 20 of 90 (Training and Nutrition Log)

  1. The cherry blossom taste beautiful, if Tinkerbell had a cup of tea that’s what she would be holding, Mrs cherry blossom herself. X x

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