Day 21 of 90 Log – Bodybuilding on a Budget


Although, I have trouble believing that we are in the worst recession since the great depression, I do realise that good nutrition (and training) can be rather expensive that is why I thought I’d share where I get the bulk of my food from… It is, none other than Macro.

And Here’s what I got:

£9.99 2kg of diced beef (it was a little fatty, I should have gone for the steaks in hindsight – great prices)

£19.99 5kg of chicken breasts (these have no added water or salt, it’s just pure chicken) (I got one for a mate, hence the 2 boxes in the picture above)

£9.99 2 large octopuses (they’ll clean them and cut them for you, if you ask) (boil for about 50 mins and then stir fry for 15 mins or it can be like rubber)


£10.95 12x25g beef bilitong (it’s like beef jerky – basically a high protein meat snack)

£1.99 1ltr of chilli sauce

£1.49 1kg of chopped spinach

£0.80 cherry tomatoes

£0.75 bag salad

Cheap as chips right? Well at least cheaper than most health food shops, supermarkets and websites but here’s what you need to know.

1. You need a Macro card – it’s free but you need to have a business, work in a business or have a mate who does. You can have a number of cards per business so there’s no restrictions on cardholders (a charity or club or group can also get cards). You don’t need a card to shop online though

2. There is no vat on any of the above because it’s food but you’ll pay vat on non-food items. Watch out for this.

3. It is only cheaper if you buy in bulk, singular items can be expensive.

4. They give out free tea and coffee, at least they do at the moment but you have to bring your own bags (save the planet one bag at a time I guess), something you might want to know before you go.

5. Don’t go mad as you might struggle for places to put all the stuff you buy – you might need a pantry and a chest freezer eventually.

6. The one in Halesowen (Pitcairn Drive, Halesowen, B62 8AZ) can be awkward to find – if you go, you might think the site resembles the kind of locationing you’d expect from a top secret military base (translation: it’s quite far off the road). macro website

That’s that, now for my food log:

Breakfast: porridge, mixed seeds, goji berries, mixed nuts and banana followed by a poached egg.

Post- Workout: all-in-one shake

Snack: beef biltong followed by strawberry yogurt (it was an organic, pro-biotic, low fat, Greek yogurt – I normally stay away from desert yogurt but this was fantastic)

Lunch: 3 chicken thighs, spinach, salad and chilli sauce

Snack: banana, apricot and mixed seeds

Dinner: octopus and vegetable rendang curry with a little octopus and vegetable soup.

Snack: a tablespoon of peanut butter

Evening shake: whey protein shake with almond milk and another whey shake and oat mix (I wouldn’t of hit this but I went round a mates and he got the round in).

*no food after 6:15pm


One thought on “Day 21 of 90 Log – Bodybuilding on a Budget

  1. You missed out the word delicious in your dinner section. X

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