Day 22 of 90 – A Training Buddy


Since joining the gym, the sight of the people who train hard but whose motivation wanes after a couple of weeks is all too familiar. And whilst there may be for a plethora of solutions for this, ONE of the best things I have found, particularly when I was weightlifting for the very first time and getting back into training after a long break, was a training buddy. The truth is that, although, it is not essential the friendly competition, the motivation to lift more and train harder and the shared wisdom has been invaluable…So if you are someone who is starting out or struggling to keep going then maybe you want to give it a try. Here is what you might want to look for:

1. Someone who does not drive you nuts…This is a biggy because you can get 30 to life for murder.
2. Obviously, someone who trains in the same location, at the same time. Now, your not dating, so you don’t have to do every session together but you have to hit at least one session a week together I reckon.
3. Similar goals…They don’t have to be the exact same but there needs to be some cross over so if they want to train for a marathon and you want to hit weights then maybe you can hit legs (weights) together or some high intensity cardio (to keep the body fat down – if you don’t get it down you won’t see the muscle you’ve built).

Ok, hope it helps, now back to my food log…

Breakfast: porridge with banana, mixed seeds and goji berries followed by a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Post- workout: all-in-one shake

Snack: beef biltong (it’s like jerky)

Lunch: 1 large chicken breast, diced beef, cooked spinach and salad

Snack: frozen cherries and blueberries with mixed seeds

Dinner: Octopus and vegetable soup followed by black berry yogurt (it was low fat, organic, pro biotic, Greek yogurt – so we’re all good)

Snack: banana with tablespoon of peanut butter with a little piece of cooking chocolate (Ok shouldn’t have done it but I trained hard today and was not going to have my evening shake so I thought sack it) (plus I’ve upped my food intake because I feel I’m dropping weight to quickly, if that happens it eats into your muscle and I’ll end up looking like a concentration camp survivor – my aim is to lose body fat not weight).

*no food after 6pm


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