Day 24 of 90 Junk Food disguised as Health Food



Ok, you know what really bugs me (other than reality TV shows with B-List celebrities or world hunger, that is)?  When companies disguise junk food as health food.  There should be laws against it I think.  So, anyway, instead of my usual porridge I thought I would try some of my wifes muesli, now it tasted great, but I heard somewhere that dried fruit wasn’t as good a natural fruit…WASN’T as good!  Muesli is filled with sugar, saturated fats, oils and bizarre preservatives that I have never even heard before so that’ll be the last time I eat that stuff.  The positive thing is that I thought I would post this link which included 50 foods you thought are healthy AND a short video on 5 foods you thought were healthy for the ones who can’t be bothered reading about the 50 – enjoy!




Breakfast: small bowel of muesli (stupid muesli – I’ll have to include this as a cheat meal, arrrr) followed by a mushroom and spring onion omelette

Post-Workout: All-in-one shake

Snack: Beef Biltong (like jerky) and pineapple with mixed seeds

Lunch: Seafood and noodle soup (I know carbs of got a bad press but keep the starchy carbs in the first half of the day and you’ll be fine)

Snack: Apricot and red apple

Dinner: Beef and vegetable curry (I’ll put the recipe up tomorrow) and salad

Snack: Pear

Evening Shake: Whey Protein

*no food after 6pm





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