Day 25 of 90 – A Healthy Curry Recipe on Rest Day


Physically and psychologically training can take is toll. Not only does your body need rest, repair itself and build muscle but a mind which is always in self-denial mode will take the enjoyment out of life and training. So sleep a little extra on your rest day (I mean an hr not a whole day), train a little lighter (walk, jog, swim or do some sport…I just do something different from what I do Mon-Sat) and eat a little ‘better’ (your body needs more fuel on rest days to repair so it’s a great time to have some of what your missing). For this reason I have included a recipe for a healthy beef and vegetable curry I had today.

1. Fry 2 finely chopped onions in a little olive oil or low calorie spray until brown (I didn’t have any so I used spring onions. After this is done I’d fry a finely chopped red pepper too but I’d run out).


the food chopper is from Pampered Chef

2. Fry 0.5kg of finely chopped beef for 2/3 mins (cutting it small helps keep the cooking time down – don’t overcook beef or it goes tough)


3. Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of low salt tomato paste (a tin of tomatoes will do but I prefer the paste) and your salt and spices.


A healthy teaspoon of cumin, tumeric, garam masala and paprika.

Salt and chilli to taste (you can add a teaspoon at a time or just chuck it in as the mood takes you like me BUT easy on the salt). HINT: I pre-mix my spices and salt and put them in together (keep them out just cause you might need a little later – I’d leave any modifications to the end).

A healthy tablespoon of minced garlic and ginger (if you use fresh garlic and ginger, put them in after the onions are fried and fry before the spices are added).

4. Cook to boil and then simmer

5. To keep the healthy theme going I added mushrooms, chopped spinach (I used frozen – just deforest it and add), tablespoon of dried fenugreek (a tablespoon), handful of fresh and finely chopped coriander, a tin of garden peas and before it was finished some fresh tomato (they were going soft but they taste great when in curries, especially cherry tomatoes, and so does fresh chilli, sliced garlic or a little lemon juice. Put them in just at the end and then stick a lid on. If you add peas do not keep stirring or they’ll go to mush)


6. Ok now serve with salad, and whilst I would keep my starchy carbs in the first half of the day, brown rice or what I did low calorie naan bread and a tiny bit of lime pickle. Notice that even though it is a rest day I still keep the portion small. Less and often is better than huge and less often but with all that salad and a desert (half a cup of frozen raspberries) I didn’t need any more.


As you can see, this is a fantastically tasty meal and while I would not normally go for naan bread (except at lunch and on a rest day) even this is a relatively healthy option compared to the ‘anything goes cheat meal’ that some propose (and the naan was a bargain at 84p for 2 from the co-op).

Today’s Food Log

Breakfast: porridge with mixed seeds and goji berries followed by an all-in-one shake

Snack: beef biltong (it’s like jerky) and a teaspoon of peanut butter

Lunch: curry, diet naan and salad followed by half a cup of frozen raspberries

Snack: plum and apricot

Dinner: tuna salad with chilli followed by a pear and a whey protein shake

*no food after 6pm


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