Day 26 of 90 – Picking Protein


Today I had another 5kg of all-in-one Protein delivered so I thought I’d write a short blog on when to use it and how to pick the right one. Protein is a macro-nutrient which helps build muscle, helps suppress hunger and can aid with bulking up or losing weight (depending on what you use and how you use it). But what protein should you use and when should you use it. Well here’s a low down on what’s available:

1. All-in-one: This comes in loads of different varieties depending on what your looking at. I’m aiming for lean muscle so I go for low sugar, low fat, low calories and low carbs. This particular one also includes a bunch of supplements and minerals (for testosterone production – you can get others with fat loss supplements in it or carbs for weight gain), and different types of proteins which release at different rates – I use this straight after a training session (I put it in a plastic tub). a link to the one I use

2. Whey protein: Whey is included in all-in-ones but even by itself it is seen as the BMW of the protein world (but it’s inexpensive – 5kg for £30ish). You can mix it with a ground oats to get carbs in for mass, have it by itself post-workout, or as a top up. It is a quick release protein but can be added with milk to slow down it’s release. I use this in the evening just before I start intermittent fasting (no food from 6pm – 5am), but you can have it before bed. *that’s if you can sleep on it that is* a link to the one I use

3. Casein: Is a slow burn protein, which I personally have never used but it is suppose to be good as a late night protein because your muscle are formed when sleeping and this releases the protein needed for growth. Unfortunately, I’ve chosen to go down the intermittent fasting route so this option isn’t going to work for me.

*there are other sources but the above are considered among the best, nonetheless, they are no substitute for training hard and a high protein diet and should never be brought from a supermarket – the prices there are criminal*


breakfast: porridge with mixed seeds and goji berries with a packet of beef biltong (it’s like jerky)

post-workout: all-in-one shake

snack: a teaspoon of peanut butter and 2 plums

lunch: pan fried beef with a poached egg and salad with chilli

snack: red apple and mixed seeds

dinner: a salmon, tuna and egg cup with salad and chilli sauce followed by a small bowl of blackberries

snack: 2 teaspoons of peanut butter

evening shake: whey with milk

* no food after 6pm


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