Day 27 of 90 Intermittent Fasting


A few weeks ago I started limiting my starchy carbs (oats, brown rice and sweet potato) to the first half of the day, cutting out bread and not eating (except herbal tea and water) from 6pm to 5am the next day (I’ve even started to keep my healthy fats like beef biltong/jerky and peanut butter in the first half of the day). In a term intermittent fasting and, although, I have lost weight I do have 2 concerns.

1. The body produces muscle when sleeping so, regardless of your goals, you need the nutrients or your weight loss could be all muscle which will result in a puffy, saggy look. (You can do an assessment of your body fat, water weight and muscle mass at a local gym. I’ll do mines on day 30 and post the results).

2. IF makes you ravenously hungry but if you eat before training your body burns the food and not the fat which means my muscle mass might increase but my fat percentage will stay pretty much stagnant.

To solve this I am going to begin the fast from 8pm and break it at 9am, which is after training (mon-sat) and begin eating smaller meals/snacks but more often – this should keep the metabolism high. I’ll let you know how I get on, but all I’ve read makes me think that this will work well for my goal, lean muscle.

Breakfast: porridge with banana, mixed seeds and goji berries
Post-workout: all-in-one shake
Snack 1: fresh pineapple
Snack 2: spicy tuna and veg omelette
Lunch: diced beef with cooked spinach and chilli with fresh tomato followed by a teaspoon of peanut butter
Snack 1: red apple
Snack 2: Greek yogurt and strawberry with mixed seeds and goji berries
Dinner: lamb and vegetable bolognanese with chilli sauce
Snack 1: a carrot
Snack 2: Greek yogurt, banana and strawberry with mixed seeds and goji berries
Evening Shake: all-in-one shake (I’d go for whey and milk but I’m waiting on a delivery)


One thought on “Day 27 of 90 Intermittent Fasting

  1. Dinner was yummy! X x

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