Day 28 of 90 Eating Out Without Pigging Out


If you anything like me you love try different food joints – we’ve tried Ethiopian, Egyptian as well a bunch of pubs and restaurants. In fact, if it was up to me I would never go to the same place twice. Anyway, today, the wife and I, went out for some food  (mines is the 8oz streak with salad) and it got me thinking about posting some good tips for those who like to eat out but are also in training.

1. Stay with whole food: basically if God made it its good, if it’s processed and filled with food colouring then the chances are it’s nutritionally pants. Donner kebab anyone?

2. Keep away from cooking sauces and salad dressings: if you do like these things avoid stuff with coconut milk and cream. Lemon, chilli, tomato and olive oil based stuff is normally best.

3. Have carbs at breakfast and lunch: if you have to have starchy carbs for dinner stick with boiled rices, pasta and bread (brown is best). Oh and couscous or sweet potato…pizza sould not be considered a good carb, Luigi.

4. No alcohol: ok, a little now and again is fine, but it has no nutritional value.

5. Share starters and deserts too: I’d normally avoid them all together.

6. Have table water: drinking it will stop you consuming too much food.

7. Watch the salt: try the meal before adding salt and consider seasoning with lemon, chilli or pepper instead.

8. Add a side-salad: instead of rice or chips most places will let you have a side salad. Remember your the customer and the customer is always…

9. Go for grilled or oven cooked not deep fat fried: so the KFC chicken is out and the grilled salmon with cherry tomato is in.

10. Have a starter as a main: if you tell the waiter your in training not only can they recommend stuff but they will be more than happy to alter things and let you have 2 starters or a starter come out as a main. Sometimes there is a better choice on the starter menu and sometimes you can supersize it.

Finally, make sure you enjoy your food and if your eating in good company you can always order a bunch of healthy stuff and just share.

*no food from 8pm-9am

Post-Workout: all-in-one shake
Breakfast: oats with mixed seeds, banana and goji berries
Snack 1: red apple and tablespoon of peanut butter
Snack 2: beef biltong (like jerky)
Lunch: 8oz rump steak and salad
Snack 1: tablespoon of peanut butter
Snack 2: a carrot
Dinner: stuffed pepper with lamb and vegetable bolognese, with a poached egg and salad
Snack: Greek yogurt with apricot, mixed seeds and goji berries
Evening Shake: whey with milk


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