Day 32 of 90 A Non-Training Day?


After 31 days of training  everyday I’ve finally had a non-training day (through bad timing on my part I hasten to add), which would be ok because I normally only do light cardio on Sundays, except it’s bank holiday Monday tommorow and the gym’s closed. No wonder why Bob Geldof didn’t like Mondays.  These things inevitably happen but we shouldn’t use them as an excuse not to keep up the training. So I still hit 100 press-ups today (better than nothing I guess – plus of got a mate who does 1,000 a day and is as strong as an ox) and tommorow my aim will be to go running. The best thing you can do in situations like this is see it as Providence’s way of forcing us to change our routine a little.

*confession: after last night’s blog I had one of my wife’s home baked mini muffins and a chocolate brownie*

Morning shake: whey protein
Breakfast: plain omelette with mushroom and cherry tomato
Snack 1: beef biltong (like jerky) followed by a handful of walnuts
Snack 2: a carrot
Lunch: chicken breast with chilli, lemon and tomato
Dinner: pulled pork (in BBQ sauce), 1.5 burgers and salad
Evening shake: whey protein


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