Day 33 of 90 “Carb-Cycling”

day 32

Over the last 10 years or so carbs have received something of a negative press.  Don’t get me wrong too many carbs, particularly processed carbs like white breads and pastas, can cause weight gain or make weight loss difficult. Nonetheless, carbs are needed to build muscle which will in-turn help burn fat.  While I normally limit my starchy carbs to the first half of the day and then rely upon green carbs (carbs in fruit and veg) I have begun to experiment with carb-cycling the last couple of days.  Basically, what I am doing is trying to increase my carb intake (slightly) on weight training days (Mon-Fri), loading up on the BIG sessions (Saturday) and limiting my carbs on low-training days or cardio days (Sun).  That is why for the last two days I have skipped the porridge oats and have gone for an omelette or a couple of boiled eggs.  You see the first thing to be burned during training is the carbs so if there are no carbs pre-workout (or on cardio days) then it is fat that will be burned and if we introduce carbs (as in oats and I have got plain popcorn which I will add lemon and chilli too and maybe get some brown rice, sweet potato and some wheat bread) after weight training that should go directly to the muscle.  I will, however, still limit my intake but this should help me (or you) reduce my body fat whilst producing more muscle.  Just so you don’t think that this is me using myself as a nutritional guinea pig please check out the links below:


11 useful carbs


TODAY’S FOOD LOG [no food from 7pm yesterday till after workout]

Morning Shake: Whey

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms (grill or microwave guys – notice no carbs again this morning)

Snack 1: beef biltong (like jerky) and a handful of walnuts

Snack 2: a banana 

Lunch: tuna salad with mixed seeds and nuts

Snack: red apple

Dinner: 3 fish curry and salad followed by organic Greek yogurt with raspberry and passion fruit

Snack: 3 slices of watermelon

Evening Shake: Whey and milk 





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