Day 34 of 90 The Cheat Meal


I have to be honest, regardless of the “expert opinions” out there, I am not a fan of the cheat meal (let alone the cheat day). Sure there may be times when you want to load up on carbs or healthy fats for training purposes but I would encourage you to avoid cheat meals, particularly if you are having them every week. Having said that there may be times, like a lapse in self-discipline or when your eating at another person’s house, when it cannot be helped – like me today.  Now I’m not saying if you do it you should feel guilty as I’ve had a few lapses myself but here’s what I’d try an advise:

1. Don’t let your cheat meal become a cheat day or week.
2. Refrain from binge eating, keep the portions small, the key here is moderation.
3. Try and place cheat meals between training sessions.
4. Max out on the water, fruit and side-salads not on the carbs and unhealthy fats.
5. Some cheat meals are healthier than others, so go for damage limitation. A chicken chow mein trumps a kebab and chips.
6. Try and prepare for them so you can tweak your nutrition and training slightly to compensate.

FOOD LOG (no food 7pm till after the workout)
Post-Workout: all-in-one shake
Breakfast: porridge with banana, followed with a poached egg and an Greek yogurt with mixed seeds and goji berries.
Snack: red apple
Lunch: chicken salad (no dressing)
Snack: tangerine and green apple
Dinner: (cheat meal) enchiladas with garlic bread and salad followed by a little marble cake
Evening Shake: whey
Snack: strawberries

*I won’t be training till later in the day tommorow so no intermittent fasting.


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