Day 36 of 90 “Top 5 Protein Sources”


High protein diets seem to be vogue right now and who can blame people.  Protein is needed to repair and build muscle, is satisfying and can be used to help you lose weight.  But what are the best sources of protein?  Well in this blog I will look at 5 of the best non-meats sources (I will cover meat another time).  So here goes:

1. Roasted Seaweed: now it tastes a bit minging (until you get used to it) and it is not always easy to get a hold of (some supermarkets stock it from time to time – it’s used for sushi) but here’s the nutritional value.

100g > 242 kcal > 53.3g protein > 1.4g carbs

2. Non-fat Mozzarella: this is Italian cheese at its finest and is a low-calorie way to enjoy what you like.

100g > 149 kcal > 32g protein > 4g carbs

3. Whole Eggs: DO NOT chuck out the yoke as it is a good form of healthy fat and a little chestorl is needed to produce testosterone which helps produce muscle.

100g > 151 kcal > 12.5g protein > trace of carbs

4. Cottage Cheese: this take some getting used too but its versatile and can be used as a sweet cheese (mix with fruit and nuts – not a reference to the chocolate bar) or savoury.

100g > 80 kcal > 12.2g protein > 4.5g carbs

5. Tofu: again this is an acquired taste but I love the stuff.  It works well in stir-fries, salads and soups.

100g > 105 kcal > 12.1g protein > 0.6 carbs

[I also eat a lot of mixed nuts, seeds, 100% peanut butter and goji berries but I have chosen to include the low calorie low carb options here as these can be used throughout the day in most nutritional plans]


FOOD LOG [no food from 7pm yesterday till after training]

Post-Workout: all-in-one shake

Breakfast: porridge oats with mixed seeds, banana and goji berries

Snack 1: cup of frozen raspberries

Snack 2: mixed nuts

Lunch: 2 pieces of mackerel and salad

Mid-Afternoon Shake: Whey (I’ve gone from 2 to 3 shakes a day today)

Snack 1: grapefruit with mixed seeds

Snack 2: mixed nuts

DInner: 3 fish stir-fry with chilli and lemon followed by a florentine cake and a single piece of chocolate (ok I know I shouldn’t have but hey if you put in all this training why not – need to get down the shop to stock up on my protein snacks)

Snack: a peach and mixed seeds

Evening Shake: Whey and milk





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