Day 38/39 of 90: Jog On


Ok I admit it I didn’t blog yesterday…Ok AND today, my rest/cardio day, when I was going to drop my carbs and calories down I let my nutrition slip. Anyway, that’s why I hit some back on my rest day but life must go on, hey?

So the purpose of today’s blog is to talk about cardio – well, jogging in particular. Now I know how it works most people either hit weights or do cardio and the lifters among you if you do HIT cardio it’s normally High Intensity Training. Now I’m perfectly aware that too much cardio will rob you of your muscle gains if your not eating enough, that is, which has never really been a problem for me ;-), but here’s why some cardio will do you good peeps.

1. Apart from the fact that it breaks up the monotony of training and the fact that some lifters sound like a chain smoking version of Darth Vader when they walk up the stairs it is cheap and you can do it with minimum kit. Which is brilliant! Particularly when you don’t have access to a gym or when you aim to train daily.

2. It’s great for weight loss, ok resistance training with HIT is way better, but running also strengthens your heart and lungs so that they can work under increased pressure and so you can up the intensity of your HIT.

3. Jogging can also lower your risk of major illnesses (like various cancers and high blood pressure), has been proven to relieve depression, improve your quality of sleep and increase bone density.

4. And, finally, it helps aid your body’s glucose tolerance (how you breakdown sugar) and insulin sensitivity (how you control sugar levels).

So here’s how to do it: stretch (I don’t stretch when using a treadmill as it is less intense than road work) and then start by walking for the first 30-60 seconds (2 mph) and then break into a light jog for a few minutes (4 mph) before beginning to run (6 mph). I normally do 30-45 minutes and then 1 minute of HIT at 11.1 mph (this is great for fat burning and lean muscle building). I then warm down in the reverse order that I warmed up.

I always do my cardio after weights and do not have anything to eat at least a few hours before. This means that when I train I am burning fat and not the nutrients from my food. I’d also aim to do more than 20 minutes per session, otherwise, this form of training (low intensity cardio) is going to be of little value.

Post-Workout: all-in-one shake
Breakfast: porridge with banana, mixed seeds and goji berries followed by a poached egg
Snack 1: mixed nuts and a sheet of seaweed
Snack 2: a peach
Lunch: lean beef and vegetable chilli with salad
Snack 1: a red apple
Snack 2: a packet of chorizo ham (believe it or not it was the healthiest thing I could find in a local shop on the way to Wales)
Evening shake: whey shake
Dinner: half a roast chicken, with chilli sauce and salad (we went out and I replaced the chips with salad

Early morning snack: all the biscuits in the hotel room (I was up at 4am finishing an essay from my MA course and got the munchies)
Morning Shake: whey shake
Breakfast: muesli and a cooked breakfast (it was an all you can eat buffet and I’d paid for it…So the more I ate the more I saved)
Lunch: beef carvery
Snack: a toffee sundae (ok I was on a roll…I should have had a beer while I was at it)
Evening Shake/Post Workout: whey shake (I skipped dinner because believe it or not I was full)
Snack: 1 tablespoon of peanut butter

Note: Ok I would normally limit the carbs and healthy fats (the peanut butter I mean) to the first half of the day and try and eliminate them on rest/cardio day, particularly as I was carb-loading on Friday. But today was an unusual day for me because I pigged out.
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