Day 41 of 90 Meat Feast: 5 Super-Foods


For a while now I have wanted to do some research on meat sources and rank them by their nutritional value and now that I have done it I thought I would share my findings.  The meats I have chosen have been ranked in order of their high protein levels, low fat (though some good and healthy fat like that in salmon [100g > 21.6g protein > 0 carbs > 14g fat > 215 kcal] and beef [100g > 20.9g protein > 0g carbs > 7.9g fat > 155 kcal] are good for you in moderation), low/no carbs, and low calories (again, I wouldn’t bother too much about counting calories but it might be the distinguishing factor of choosing one food over another).  So, here goes:


1. Lobster: Now, I was surprised here and I’ve got to be honest I’m not really a fan of the stuff but I will have to see if there are some good recipes out there so I can try this again.

100g > 26.41g protein > 3.12g carbs > 1.94g fat > 143 kcal


2. Tuna: I love this stuff but when I found about the difference between the steaks and the tins I thought I’d leave the tins for a back up (having said that quality brands like John West, who does Tuna in spring water instead of brine too, is of a similar nutritional value as the Tuna steaks).

[Tuna Steaks] 100g > 25.6g protein > 0g carbs > 0.5g fat > 110 kcal

[Tuna Tinned] 100g > 26.3 g protein > 0g carbs > 10.7g fat > 202 kcal


3. Monkfish: Try this fried in a griddle pan with lemon, chilli and vegetables…delicious! 

100g > 24g protein > 0g carbs > 1.7g fat > 76 Kcal


4. Chicken Breast: Whilst it can be a bit dry this is cheap, you can get 5kg (used once a day that’s about 3/4 weeks worth) for about £20 from Macro, its easily available and pretty darn healthy.

100g > 23.5g protein > 0g carbs > 1.7g fat > 109 kcal


5. Turkey Breast: This is almost the same as the above, taste and cost-wise, but it gives a little bit of variety. Some people replace their chicken with turkey when cutting but unless you are competing the difference in fat content and kcals will only make a slight difference – plus the chicken has a higher protein content, which is needed for muscle, so you’ve got to balance it out. 

100g > 22.3g protein > 0g carbs > 1.2g fat > 100 kcal


I hope this helps you guys, keep your meat skinless and lean and if you can afford it (I can’t) go organic, as it does make a nutritional difference but in all honesty, it tastes the same (que snotty comment by some hippy pig farmer).  As for buying it, Macro is the best place to go [link], supermarkets and meat markets (particularly at the end of the day when their getting rid of fresh meat cheaply) and does great deals from time to time.  Get them added on FB

Finally, cook a couple of days worth at a time (for time’s sake) and remember that you can re-freeze meat IF it’s been cooked and if you like mince meat make it yourself or pay a little extra from a reputable source as most place fill their mince with the worst cuts of meat. 

FOOD LOG (no food from 7pm to after-workout)
Post-Workout: all-in-one shake
Breakfast: porridge and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
Snack: apple
Lunch: bento box (mines is the one without sushi rice and I added cottage cheese too: see link)


Snack 1: kiwi and tablespoon of peanut butter
Snack 2: 2 tangerines and a piece of chicken breast
Dinner: chicken stir fry with a boiled egg followed by Greek yogurt and strawberries
Snack: half a cup of raspberries
Evening shake: whey with milk


3 thoughts on “Day 41 of 90 Meat Feast: 5 Super-Foods

  1. Lunch looks delicious. X x x

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