Day 42 of 90: Nature’s Amphetamines


Youngsters, or people pretending to be young, guzzling on energy drinks seems to be quite a familiar sight these days. The truth is that not only do these drinks give you energy but the sugar in them rots your teeth and the excessive caffeine, among its many other side-effects, lowers the muscle building hormone testosterone. So your question might be other than a good diet, regular exercise, rest and (in some cases) a change of careers what can be done for a short-term energy boost.

1. Mint: this can come in various blends of tea and even shower gels which can give you the boost you need. I think the natural ingredients shower gel range does there’s for £1 in most supermarkets.

2. Coffee: while too much coffee is bad, and can actually lead to caffeine poisoning, a little can boost your metabolism (so can help with fat loss), suppress hunger and can give you the boost you need. I drink a cup of black coffee every morning before the gym, however, I would limit my use to 1 or 2 cups as your body quickly builds up an immunity to it and too much caffeine will have a detrimental effect. negative effects of caffeine

3. Honey: again, not only can honey boost your metabolic rate but it can be used as a natural pick me up. The carb content is high so I only put it in coffee on my carb-loading day or take a teaspoon of it (and a teaspoon of peanut butter for protein) before going on long runs. It also works well in porridge oats. health benefits of honey

4. Multi-vitamins and minerals: what’s to say here except they may plug holes in your nutrition. These have been a regular part of my routine, on and off, since childhood.

5. The power-nap: this is anything from the 20-40 minute lie down to a couple of hours. This normally varies from person to person but anything more than 30 mins or naps in the evening will mean I won’t sleep at night. It’s up to you but these can do you the world of good.

FOOD LOG (no food from 7pm till after workout)
Post-Workout: all in one shake
Breakfast: porridge followed by a tablespoon of peanut butter
Snack 1: a tangerine and a banana
Snack 2: a tablespoon of peanut butter
Lunch: salmon, homemade turkey burger, cottage cheese and salad followed by a fruit salad
Snack: chicken breast and cottage cheese
Dinner: homemade beef and veg chilli with oriental salad followed by an apple
Snack: handful of walnuts
Evening shake: whey and milk followed by a teaspoon of honey.

Note to self: yesterday’s tiredness is still there but is beginning to abate. Possibly a consequence of 2 late nights back to back and the low carbs because the honey perked me up.


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