Day 43/44 of 90: Different Kinds of Strength




Ok, I didn’t blog yesterday but it was a late night and the wife and I were watching a film called “Go Toward the Light.”  It was a film, based on a true life story, about a boy who is very ill and it kind of got me thinking that there are many different types of strength, there is: power, speed, agility, wisdom, intelligence etc. etc…and then there is an inner strength (only sometimes I think it comes more from above than from within).  And whilst many of us, God-willing, will never have to face the same kind of suffering as this little boy or his parents not only can we acknowledge its presence in others like them but we can cultivate it within our own lives.  So whether we face issues related to health, finances or relationships my encouragement to you today would be keep on keeping on and begin to search for a more holistic understanding of strength.


YESTERDAY’s FOOD LOG [no food from 7pm yesterday till post-workout]

Post-workout: All-in-one shake and a handful of plain popcorn (homemade)

Breakfast: porridge, banana and walnuts followed by a tablespoon of peanut butter

Snack 1: white grapefruit and dark rye wheat bread and salmon

Snack 2: plain popcorn

Lunch: tuna and egg salad followed by a fruit salad

Snack 1: apple and tangerine

Snack 2: a tablespoon of peanut butter

Dinner: prawn, cuttle fish (it’s like octopus) and tuna in a chilli butter sauce with vegetables and couscous

Evening shake: whey and milk

Snack 1: fresh figs with walnut and honey

Snack 2: porridge with almonds and walnuts

[note to self]: Yesterday is my favourite day of the week because it is carb-loading day.  Having been low carbs all week  the replenishment gives my body a replenishment of much needed carbohydrates.



Post-workout: all-in-one shake

Breakfast: porridge with walnuts and almonds

Snack: a green apple

Lunch: all you can eat Chinese buffet (however, even though the food is full of salt and sugar I stayed away from the starchy carbs, the deep fried foods, avoided the fatty meats, got rid of as much sauce as I could, drank sparkling water and didn’t have a dessert – so it was kind of healthy.  Hey today was a massive training session).

Snack: a whole mango

Dinner: tuna and egg salad

Evening Shake: whey and milk

[note to self]: A little disappointed at the buffet today but it means I will have to lower by caloric intake tomorrow and up the intensity of the training a little for a cardio/rest day.


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