Day 47 of 90: How to Snack Between Meals


If your anything like me you were told not to snack between meals now not only does this misinformation leave you hungry (if your anything like me) but it also means that your metabolic rate will not be working at its optimum rate. You see smaller meals more often keep your body burning nutrients which in turn uses more calories and keeps your metabolic rate high. The key, however, is that you should you should be snacking well.

Well, I used to be a fan of beef biltong/jerky that was until I saw the amount of additives and preservatives that were in it – not to mention the salt. However, I have begun getting meat, cooking it in the griddle pan and adding my own seasoning. What’s great is that it’s cheaper, healthier and, because I can add what I want, tastier. I’ve done turkey breast and maggi, prawn, lemon and chilli and today I did beef (by itself). So why not give it a try – cut it small and it cooks in minutes.



TODAY’S FOOD LOG (no food from 7pm till after training)
Post-Workout: all-in-one shake
Breakfast: porridge with walnuts and almonds
Snack: fruit salad, almonds and Greek yogurt
Lunch: tuna and egg salad followed by a kiwi
Snack 1: prawns pieces (as above)
Snack 2: handful of walnuts
Dinner: soy shepherds pie (minus potato) with salad
Snack 1: half a mango
Snack 2: beef pieces (as above)
Evening Shake: whey shake


One thought on “Day 47 of 90: How to Snack Between Meals

  1. And snack you do. X x x

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