Day 51 of 90: One Move Workout


I’ve got a friend, he’s doing an MA in physiotherapy so he can’t really afford the gym, supplements or protein shakes at the moment but he is ripped… Now, like me, you might be asking how? Well my mate Bellamy does 1000 press ups a day.

You see the humble press up is a compound exercise which engages the chest, shoulders, triceps, legs (because of the plank position) and even the abs. Having said that even if I could do a 1000 press ups a day (I can’t, I’ve tried) I think the repetition would kill me and take the fun out of training. Instead I have incorporated a set (until failure) when I get up in the mornings and 100 a day after my gym session (4 sets of 25) which, I’m hoping to increase a little as time goes on. While I’m not ever planning on doing 1000 I don’t think I can afford to avoid such a valuable exercise, the question is though, can you? And therefore, you might want to consider sticking it in somewhere in your training routine even if you don’t, like my mate, use it as your one move workout (even though it’s not recorded I did my 100 today ).

Post-Workout: all-in-one shake
Breakfast: porridge with mixed nuts and banana
Snack 1: boiled egg and an apple
Snack 2: an apple and a peach
Lunch: Greek salad (chicken – the top one)


Snack 1: tablespoon of peanut butter
Snack 2: cooked chicken cubes
Dinner: salmon and squid rings in chilli butter with egg salad followed by mango and vanilla Greek yogurt with mixed nuts.


Evening shake: whey
Snack 1: mango and vanilla Greek yogurt with mixed nuts.
Snack 2: 2 tangerines


6 thoughts on “Day 51 of 90: One Move Workout

  1. That’s a scary situation to be in. I’m sure he can’t wait to get back to the states. Are they letting people into the country now or was he there before the virus broke out?

    • [where from the UK] I am not sure of the situation but when he returns he may have to go in quarantine until they can test him for it…he should be ok though, he’s a survivor and a man who serves a great God

      • Ah, excuse me, the UK. (I missed that.) I wonder how many people are in the same situation as your friend. I worry that someone will slip through the cracks and not be tested and then bring the disease to the US or the UK or some other country. This is beginning to feel like the Black Plague! I hope they find a vaccine soon.

      • possibly but we had health scares with bird flu and swine flue and it passed…with the wealth, medical facilities and surplus of food here a lot of this stuff wont effect us…hopefully.

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