Day 53 of 90: In the Long Run – Taking a Long-Term View on Training


At the gym today a friend of mine, a guy who like us all, always thinks that he’s not progressing, showed me a picture of before he started training compared to now. Even though he has only been training a year and a half he began with skinny arms with no definition, a beer gut and moobs (man boobs) to a muscular upper body, filled out arms and no more beer gut (and I’ve trained with him, he can lift). Now, although, he’s not where he wants to be he is definitely on the way even though at times he thought he was lagging.

Anyway, it kind of got me thinking that far too many people give up too easy. They begin well but because they want instant results they lose heart and neglect to see how far they’ve come. Therefore, my encouragement to you (and myself) would be to keep slugging away and if you get knocked down just dust yourself off and keep going, in the long run you will get to where you want to be. The key is to just push yourself a little further every time (or deny yourself that little more) and then, in due time, you’ll achieve something amazing. I remember when I began running I would aim to go further everyday, even if it was a step, before I knew it I was running miles everyday.

Post workout: all in one shake
Breakfast: porridge, mixed nuts and banana
Snack 1: an apple
Snack 2: a peach and a tablespoon of peanut butter
Lunch: fruit salad and salmon, tuna and egg salad
Snack 1: beef cubes (oven cooked)
Snack 2: a tangerine
Dinner: white fish in chilli and tomato sauce with mixed vegetables (delicious) followed by Greek yogurt with mango, vanilla and mixed nuts.


Snack 1: a banana
Snack 2: 2 vegetable samosas and a vegetable pakora (I shouldn’t had these but we went for a massive walk and when I went to get them for the wife they gave us loads. No excuse, I know but hey)
Evening Shake: whey shake


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