Day 57 of 90: A Fruitful Friday – Why you Need to Eat More Fruit


Now I admit that fruit can be expensive (saying that this lot came to £5 at the local market) but what I cannot accept is this myth, that I sometimes here, that fruit is not good for you. Admittedly, it’s true that you might choke on a tangerine if you eat it in one go but the sugar in fruit and even the carbs is of huge benefit to you not to mention the vitamins and minerals (when I have a carb-free day it is starchy carbs I cut not green carbs like fruit and veg). So here’s some of the things I’d recommend with a couple of the benefits (there’s loads more benefits that I haven’t put):

1. Dried apricot: Thankfully the drying process does not strip apricot’s of their nutrients or any of their flavour. They are great for eye problems, skin diseases, weight loss and even act as a mild laxative. These are a great replacement for sweets btw.

2. Strawberries: Firstly, strawberries are easy to grow and, therefore, there’s no excuse not to stick some in the garden which is good because they can be expensive. Strawberries, again, help stop weight loss, help with memory loss, have anti-aging qualities and are good for bone growth.

3. Mangos: Whilst these are a little exotic they are easy to get a hold of. They prevent cancer, lower cholesterol and are great for the skin. Have I mentioned that there my favourite fruit.

4. Peaches: I will start by saying, let the peaches go ripe, this will give them that sweet taste. These are known to calm upset stomachs, help with your complexion and fight diabetes.

5. Bananas: Finally, bananas help fight depression, contain a natural high, make you more alert and are packed with fibre. Ever heard of the 30-bananas-a-day cleanse? Crazy, right? Well, this girl is internet-famous for it and it worked for her (she’s a vegan too and probably exercises – sorry no short cuts).

(link for the banana girl)

My point is…whether it’s gaining your goals, fighting or preventing illness, get the fruit in and pay no attention to the anti-fruit brigade they’ve all gone bananas.

Today’s Food Log (no food from 7pm till after training – carb-loading day)
Post-Workout: all-in-one shake
Breakfast: porridge, dried apricot and mixed nuts (plus goji berries and mixed seeds)
Snack 1: half a tub of strawberries
Snack 2: a peach and a tablespoon of peanut butter
Lunch 1: half a chicken breast, cottage cheese, brown rice and salad with chilli sauce.
Lunch 2: as above
Snack 1: plain popcorn
Snack 2: apple and some beef cubes
Dinner: seafood bolognese with brown pasta and a tiny bit of Italian cheese.
Snack 1: organic Greek yogurt, strawberries and mixed nuts
Snack 2: plain popcorn
Protein Shake: whey
Snack: pear

Note: I’ve upped my food content because, although my next assessment is on day 60, I’m losing weight to quickly. My aim is to lose body fat and build muscle so the extra food should help slow down weight loss.


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