Day 59 of 90: Smoothies – A Simple Way of Supplementing your Diet


The other day I wrote a blog on the importance of including fruit within your diet and looked at the way in which certain types of fruits can be used to prevent or cure certain types of illness (link). So whether it is weight loss, muscle building, homeopathic health or just plain health and fitness I would encourage you to up your fruit content. One of the ways my wife and I have been doing it lately has been through making smoothies and whilst, we’ve just begun here are what we’ve found.

1. Although, you can use water, milk, yogurt or coconut water as a base, if your blender is good you can use pure fruit (this is one mango and 3 bananas).

2. It is really quick and easy to do. The hardest part was deciding to do it and looking for the blender.

3. You can use frozen fruit (the other day we had pineapple, mango and frozen raspberries), which is fantastic, as some fresh fruit (like raspberries and blueberries) can be expensive.

4. It allows you to up your fruit intake hugely and inadvertently cut out less nutritional food.

5. It tastes great and blending the food makes it easier for for body to digest.

So, if you’ve got a blender dig it out and have a go and if you haven’t then get it on your Christmas list. (link) – 20 smoothie recipes

TODAY’S FOOD LOG (no food from 7pm yesterday till breakfast)
Morning shake + breakfast: all-in-one protein shake and porridge, Greek strawberry yogurt with raspberries and mixed nuts (make it and stick in the fridge the night before – doubles up as a healthy sweet).


Snack: a tablespoon of peanut butter
Lunch: chicken and vegetable soup
Smoothie: 3 bananas and mango (between 2)
Snack 1: poached egg
Snack 2: tablespoon of peanut butter
Post-Workout: whey protein shake
Dinner: fish in a tomato and coriander sauce with salad
Snack: a nectarine


2 thoughts on “Day 59 of 90: Smoothies – A Simple Way of Supplementing your Diet

  1. So glad I’m not the only one who likes to eat peanut butter with a spoon! Great post 🙂

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