Day 63 of 90 The Turning Fat into Muscle Myth


If you’ve been training for any time (or even considering it) you will come across the myth that you can turn fat into muscle. Often an individual, TV commercial or a fitness article will tell you that you can go from flab to abs within a certain amount of time. The problem with this, however, is that fat and muscle are two different types of tissue.

Fat is a fatty tissue which is used to store excess energy and muscle is an active tissue which keeps your metabolic rate high and allows your body to burn more calories even when it is at rest. Moreover, the unfortunate truth is that you have to burn fat and build muscle and, worse still, you cannot transform fat into muscle. So how might you go about achieving your goals? Well, to achieve both fat loss and gain muscle is particularly difficult and this is why most people opt to go through bulking and cutting phases in their training. This is because they require two very didn’t approaches to nutrition and training. Personally, trying to balance these two goals, over 60 days, has meant that while I’ve lost body fat I’ve also slightly deceased my muscle mass (link). So here’s how you do each one individually:

Fat loss
1. Cut down on your carbs, particularly starchy carbs (like bread and potatoes).
2. Limit your carbs to the first half of the day. I have porridge in the morning and then try not to have any starchy carbs after 1pm.
3. Slowly lower your calorie intake. Doing it too fast will make you body reluctant to release fat.
4. Do cardio and weights regularly.
5. Eat lots of lean protein.

Build muscle
1. As above.
2. Increase carbs particularly before and after training.
3. Sleep more.
4. Do weights but do not overdo cardio… Remember though, that High Intensity Training has a similar physiological effect as weights.
5. Slowly increase your calorie intake.

(Regardless of the difficulty I am still experimenting on achieving both even though I have been a little unsuccessful so far).

Post-Workout: all-in-one shake
Breakfast: porridge and mixed nuts followed by a boiled egg
Snack: a tablespoon of peanut butter
Lunch: chicken breast, cottage cheese, mushroom, broccoli and tomato
Snack 1: a tablespoon of peanut butter
Snack 2: a banana
Dinner: chicken curry and salad
Smoothie: mango, tangerine and strawberry
Evening shake: whey protein

Note: could only do 45 mins today because of time constraints.


One thought on “Day 63 of 90 The Turning Fat into Muscle Myth

  1. Your smoothie you made today was delicious. X x

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