Faith Under Fire – Egypt

Christian, how would you respond under persecution?

I’m sure most people are aware of Christian persecution in Egypt at the moment. Many Churches, schools and shops are being burned to the ground and the christian community have been threatened, attacked and killed. Islamic Extremists have used the civil unrest to ethnically cleanse their neighborhoods.

How did they respond?

We must continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Egypt.


A Gay Mayor, An Evangelical Pastor and the Welfare of a City

This week I came across this fantastic video produced by Tim Keller and co as part of the Center Church studies. It really got me thinking!

In a post modern age where the Chrsitian Worldview is alien to our culture how can we be a blessing to our communities?

Sam Adams, former mayor of Portland said:

“You can’t choose how the mainstream portrays you, but I was desperate and impressed with how evangelicals offered to help.”

In a British context, how can we partner with our local councils, MP’s and Community Police to be a blessing and to work for the common good?

Portland Case Study: Kevin Palau and Sam Adams from Redeemer City to City on Vimeo.

H/T: Gospel Coalition