Day 84 of 90: How to Lose a Stone (or 14 lbs) in a Week – The Cutting Phase


A number of years ago I served in the armed forces, the Royal Navy to be exact and a friend of mines lost a tremendous amount of weight in a short period of time.  Everybody was asking him how he did it and it turns out that a PTI (physical training instructor) had given him a special two week diet.  I tried it but didn’t complete it but my mother did it and lost over a stone on it (in fact, it was almost a stone and a half).  Anyway its turns out now, according to my research, that they have refined the diet so that you are guaranteed to lose a stone in a week.  Having said all that I am not keen on losing a stone and definitely do not want to lose any strength or muscle so I have been bulking recently as my aim is to maintain my gains (strength and muscle and shred body fat).  So here’s the diet or cutting phase that I will begin tomorrow:

1 1 dry toast with grilled tomatoes fresh fruit 2 boiled eggs with salad and grapefruit
2 grapefruit and 1 boiled egg grilled chicken with tomatoes with 1 dry toast steak and salad
3 grapefruit and 1 boiled egg fresh fruit 2 lamb chops with salad and grapefruit
4 1 dry toast fresh fruit 2 boiled eggs with salad and grapefruit
5 1 dry toast fresh fruit fresh fish with salad
6 1 glass of grapefruit juice fresh fruit grilled chicken with carrots and grapefruit
7 scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes 2 poached eggs and spinach steak and salad


1. Bread should be brown.

2. All meat must be lean; cut off the fat and grill.

3. The scrambled eggs on day 7 should contain ONLY eggs and should be beaten and cooked in the microwave.

4. It is a chemical diet (no supplements or shakes) so the food must be eaten in the order and the amounts given, if there is no amount then this is an unlimited portion (though this isn’t an eating competition so no 3 man’s rations).

5. No snacks in-between and no condiments except a small amount of lemon juice.

6. No drinks except black tea/coffee and water.

7. The food must be eaten as 3 meals – there is no snacking between meals or having half now and half later.

8. Look for a grapefruit juice without added sugar on day 6 or go for freshly squeezed.

9. After doing this diet I would not repeat the process for at least 4 weeks.


Because you are guaranteed to lose a stone without training (apparently) and I will be training here is some of my tips to maintain muscle through this.

1. Where it says chicken I would go for chicken breast as it as a higher protein content.

2. I would cut down on the cardio, unless you have loads of weight to lose, and keep lifting or start (or your body will shed muscle and  you will become saggy and the weight loss will be hard to maintain).  You may not be able to lift as heavy on the last couple of days and might want a rest day or two (I’m going to keep training).  If you really don’t like weight lifting then weights machines or bodyweight exercises should seriously be considered.

3. I would increase my sleep to aid muscle repair (7 hours plus).

4. After it is finished I would immediately get the protein levels back up.  The body will be at it’s most absorbent so do not binge out when you finish.

5. Keep the food varied.  So in the salad include peppers, avocado, radishes, celery, fresh coriander etc and in the fruit include mango, pineapple, kiwi, guava, papaya, raspberries, coconut (is a coconut a fruit or nut…oh well I had it anyway) etc.

6. It is likely that this diet will slow down your metabolic rate and therefore it is important that you consume metabolism boosting fruit and veg AND that once the diet is finished you eat healthily and get loads of green tea or oolong…if not you may lose your gains because your metabolic rate would have slowed down.  [point 5 & 6 were written after the diet]

7. If you do this make sure you tell me how you get on.  I am going to be using myself as a guinea pig and will record my weight and body fat % before and after.  If it is muscle weight and water I lose I will be hacked off but the protein in the diet looks ok and. worse-case-scenario, I could always bulk when its done. [my results are now below]



Snack: banana

Pre-Workout: bowl of muesli

Post-workout: all-in-one shake

Breakfast: almond and honey porridge with a banana

Snack 1: a tablespoon of peanut butter

Snack 2: 2 tangerines

Lunch: steak, rice and chorizo ham with salad

Mid-Day Shake: whey

Snack 1: plum

Snack 2: steak and salad sandwich

Snack 3: a tablespoon of peanut butter

Dinner: pork casserole and rice

Snack: homemade bread and honey

Evening shake: whey

PS I only lasted 5.5 days and lost about 5 or 6 lbs but lost a lot of body fat (which was my aim anyway). RESULTS LINK


Day 33 of 90 “Carb-Cycling”

day 32

Over the last 10 years or so carbs have received something of a negative press.  Don’t get me wrong too many carbs, particularly processed carbs like white breads and pastas, can cause weight gain or make weight loss difficult. Nonetheless, carbs are needed to build muscle which will in-turn help burn fat.  While I normally limit my starchy carbs to the first half of the day and then rely upon green carbs (carbs in fruit and veg) I have begun to experiment with carb-cycling the last couple of days.  Basically, what I am doing is trying to increase my carb intake (slightly) on weight training days (Mon-Fri), loading up on the BIG sessions (Saturday) and limiting my carbs on low-training days or cardio days (Sun).  That is why for the last two days I have skipped the porridge oats and have gone for an omelette or a couple of boiled eggs.  You see the first thing to be burned during training is the carbs so if there are no carbs pre-workout (or on cardio days) then it is fat that will be burned and if we introduce carbs (as in oats and I have got plain popcorn which I will add lemon and chilli too and maybe get some brown rice, sweet potato and some wheat bread) after weight training that should go directly to the muscle.  I will, however, still limit my intake but this should help me (or you) reduce my body fat whilst producing more muscle.  Just so you don’t think that this is me using myself as a nutritional guinea pig please check out the links below:


11 useful carbs


TODAY’S FOOD LOG [no food from 7pm yesterday till after workout]

Morning Shake: Whey

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms (grill or microwave guys – notice no carbs again this morning)

Snack 1: beef biltong (like jerky) and a handful of walnuts

Snack 2: a banana 

Lunch: tuna salad with mixed seeds and nuts

Snack: red apple

Dinner: 3 fish curry and salad followed by organic Greek yogurt with raspberry and passion fruit

Snack: 3 slices of watermelon

Evening Shake: Whey and milk 




Day 8 of 90 (Personal Transformation)

The Drugs Don’t Work or Do They?

Ok, I’ve got to be honest with you if you are eating right you shouldn’t need supplements, however, they are useful in supplementing (hence the name) good nutrition and a proper training regime. Here’s what I’m currently using:


All-In-One Protein Shake: This comes in so many different types and flavours it’s unreal. In a 50g serving this one, Alpha Test, has 40g protein but is low in cals, carbs and fats. It also contains maca, tribulus, creatine and fenugreek (for testosterone production) and has 3 different types of protein which release at different rates. If your looking for mass this isn’t for you but it’s great for lean muscle and I take it after a every training session.

more info link

I also use a whey protein, which is a quick release protein, which is needed to build muscle. Milk can be added to whey so that it can slow down the release of protein so that it can be used as a bedtime shake. I normally use it on rest days or as a meal replacement but it is the Rolls Royce of proteins for many. Personally I don’t use any protein at night because it dehydrates me and make me want to go in the middle if the night which messes with my sleep – some guys drink it and just get straight to bed. Not me!

Multi-vitamins and Minerals: You can get these anywhere and they just make sure your body has all the stuff it needs to function well.

Ginseng: Is used to relieve stress, give energy, boost the immune system and create testosterone and therefore is a useful and very natural supplement for weight training. Again you can pretty much get it from anywhere, this one is from Asda.

more info link

Flaxseed and Goji Berry: My wife got this and I used a tablespoon on my bran flakes today. It is considered a superfood and is a good source of fibre, protein, iron, zinc and omega 3 and again it’s all natural.

for more info link

So that’s the supplements I’m using at present, let’s look at today’s food….

Breakfast: bran flakes, brazil nuts, almonds and flaxseed and goji berries followed by some protein crisps.

Post-workout: all-in-one shake

Snack: nectarine, banana and mixed seeds

Lunch: 2 lean homemade beef burgers, a small portion of brown rice, spinach, salad and chilli sauce.


burger recipe

Snack 1: some frozen blueberries and cherries – frozen fruit is an easy way of snacking healthy. It keeps forever, is cheap and is delicious.  I had mine with mixed seeds.

Snack 2: an orange and a tablespoon of peanut butter

Dinner: chicken and spinach curry, lime pickle and salad

curry recipe

Shake: whey shake with hazelnut milk (the hazelnut milk is for flavour more than anything but also slows down the release of the whey. I use whey and water post workout, as a top up to a low protein meal or on a low protein day).

*as you can see there was no evening session tonight, I had loads on, plus I could do with the rest. I’ve also quit with the fitness selfies I’ll start to putting them back up in my last 7 days.*